Open me the door for you are the door opener
Shew me the road for you are the road shewer
I will not trust my hand to any leader
For they are all illusory, whilst you are reliable


F4 51

Whose secret Presence, through Creation's veins
Running Quicksilver-like eludes your pains;
Taking all shapes from Máh to Máhi; and
They change and perish all but He remains;

Nic 409

Ouvre-moi la porte, car ce n'est que toi qui peut l'ouvrir; montre-moi Ie chemin, car c'est toi qui montres la voie du salut. Je ne donnerai maa main à aucun de ceux qui voudront me relever, car tous sont périssables, il n'y a que toi d'éternel.

P 778

Lord, ope me a door, for the Door-open-thrower art Thou!
Yea. show me a way, for the Guide, the Way-shower art Thou!
No hand in my stress to other hand-takeers I'll give;
All fleeting are they; the Eternal Bestower art Thou!

Th 557

Door-opener Thou art, then open, pray!
And since Thou art my guide, show me the way!
I 'll not give hand to other hand-takers,
All fleeting they, but Thou abid'st for aye!

Wh 449

Open the door ! O entrance who procurest,
And guide the way, O Thou of guides the surest!
Directors born of men shall not direct me,
Their counsel comes to naught, but Thou endurest!

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