If you wish to find the foundations of existence firm
And to find your heart for once without sorrow in the world
Do not neglect to drink ruby wine
So that from time to time you may be content with your own existence.


Chr 119

If thou wishest to lay a firm foundation for life, seek
out a carefree moment in the heart's world.
Do not sit idle without drinking wine and grape-juice.
so that thou mayest find pleasure at any moment.

P 787

The foundations of Life fast established for e'er wilt thou find?
The heart for awhile, in this world, without care wilt thou find?
No moment sit idle from drinking of wine new and old;
So, trust me, thy life ever pleasant and fair wilt thou find.

Th 202

Would'st Life's foundations find secure to be?
And in this world awhile the heart care free?
From drinking wine sit not apart, and so
Life's pleasures ever find vouchsafed to thee.

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