Take heed that you be not severe upon drunkards
Neither be rude at the door of the righteous
Drink wine ! for whether you drink or not
If you are doomed to hell, you will not go to heaven


Nic 456

Garde-toi de passer pour grossier aux yeux des buveurs; garde-toi de t'attirer une mauvaise réputation auprès des sages, et bois du vin; car que tu en boives ou non, si tu appartiens au feu de l'enfer, tu ne saurais entrer en paradis.

P 789

Beware thou the toper molest not neither defame
And eke with the worthy thou fall not in evil name;
Drink wine, for on nowise, for drinking or not of wine,
To Heaven shalt thou win, if thou 'rt fated to feed Hell-flame.

Th 592

Pray treat not drinkers with severity.
Nor to the worthy show austerity.
Drink wine ! for whether you drink wine or no,
If doomed to Hell in Heaven you 'll never be.

Wh 485

Frown not at revelers, I beg of thee,
For all thou keepest righteous company;
But drink, for, drink or no, 'tis all the same,
If doomed to hell, no heaven thou'lt ever see.

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