Whatever you say, you say from faith
You call me continually pagan & infidel
I confess that I am vile as I am, but then
Be just ! what you say reflects upon yourself.


Chr 120

All that thou sayest to us, it is out of hatred that thou
sayest it. Always thou callest me an heretic and an infidel.
I admit all that I am, but, honestly, art thou the one to say so?

Nic 410

Tout ce que tu me dis émane de ta haine (ô moullah)! tu ne cesses de me traiter d'athée, d'homme sans religion. Je suis convaincu de ce que je suis et je l'avoue; mais sois juste, est-ce à toi de me traiter ainsi?

P 796

That which thou say'st to me all, of despite, perdie, thou say'st!
"Infidel! atheist!" still, "out upon thee!" thou say'st.
All that I am I confess; but thou, tell the truth, man, for once;
Is it thine office to say that which to me thou say'st?

Th 559

Thou say'st from malice what thou say'st to me.
And call'st me *' Skeptic, atheist!" constantly.
I am all that thou sayest I confess,
But pray, is malice well befitting thee?

Wh 450

In slandering and reviling you persist,
Calling me infidel and atheist:
My errors I will not deny, but yet
Does foul abuse become a moralist?

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