If you are famed in the city you are the wickedest of men
If you sit in retirement you are considered morbid,
Things would not be better if you were Khizr or Elias
No one would know you & you would know no one.


Nic 449

Si dans une ville tu acquiers de la renommée, tu es considéré comme Ie plus méchant des hommes; si tu vis retiré dans un coin, on te regarde comme un instigateur. Ce qu'il y a donc de mieux, fusses-tu Élie ou saint Georges, c'est de vivre de façon à ne connaître personne, à n'être connu de personne.

P 838

In the city renowned an thou be, thou 'rt the worst of mankind;
If a sitter in corners thou be, thou 'rt not right in thy mind:
Though Elias or Khizr thou be, nay, no better thou 'lt find;
I rede thee, to know and be known unto none be resigned.

Th 587

They call you bad if in the city known,
Suspect, if you in corners sit alone,
Though Khizer or Elias you should be,
Better of none be known and to know none.

Wh 480

They call you wicked, if to fame you're known,
And an intriguer, if you live alone;
Trust me, though you were Khizr or Elias,
'Tis best to know none, and of none be known.

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