So long as your body retains its bones & veins & members
Do not try to avoid your destiny
Do not bow your neck though Rustam & Zal be your foes
Accept no favours from a friend, though he be Hatim Tai


F4 10

Well, let it take them! What have we to do
With Kaikobád the Great, or Kaikhosrú?
Let Zál and Rustum bluster as they will,
Or Hátim call to Supper--heed not you.

HA 10c

Bow not thy neck though Rustum son of Zál be thy foe.
Be not grateful though Hátim Tai befriend thee.

Nic 416

Tant que tu auras en ton corps des os, des veines et des nerfs, ne pose pas ton pied en dehor des limites de ta destinée. Ne cède jamais à ton ennemi, cet ennemi fût-il Rostèm, fils de Zal; n'accepte rien qui puisse t'obliger envers ton ami, cet ennemi fût-il Hâtém-taï.

P 798

Whilst yet in thy body are bone and sinew and vein,
Let thy feet overpass not their heaven-appointed domain:
Bow the neck not, though Rustem-i-Zal be the foeman, nor wear,
Though Hatim-et-Tai be the patron, beholdenment's chain!

Th 562

While bone, vein, sinew this your frame array,
Strive not to step outside your destined way;
Cringe not, although Rustam-i-Zal 's your foe,
Nor boon from friend seek, were he Hatim Tai.

Wh 455

Whilst thou dost wear this fleshy livery,
Step not beyond the bounds of destiny;
Bear up, though very Rustems be thy foes,
And crave no boon from friends like Hatim Tai!

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