Be patient, for beneath this everlasting sky
Drink wine for in the world [you are exposed to fate]
Since your origin & ending are but earth
Imagine when in the earth that you are not earth.


F4 24

Ah, make the most of what we yet may spend,
Before we too into the Dust descend;
Dust into Dust, and under Dust to lie,
Sans Wine, sans Song, sans Singer, and--sans End

Nic 418

Remue-toi, puisque tu es sous cette voûte intraitable; bois du vin, puisque tu es dans ce monde, siège de calamités. Tout, depuis le principe jusqu'à la fin, n'étant que terre, agis au moins en homme qui est sur la terre, et non comme si tu étais sous la terre.

P 817

Have patience, since under yon Sphere without worth thou art;
Drink, since in this world full of sorrow and dearth thou art:
Since thy first and thy last but a scantling of dust is at best,
Think that not on the earth, nay, but under the earth thou art.

Th 565

'Neath Heaven's relentless sphere your patience prove.
Drink wine ! since in a world of woe you move;
Since your beginning and end are in earth,
Think now you are not 'neath earth but above.

Wh 457

Bow down, heaven's tyranny to undergo,
Quaff wine to face the world, and all its woe;
Your origin and end are both in earth,
But now you are above earth, not below!

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