If you find your pleasure in this
Inflicting sorrow upon a heart that is at rest
All your life you may be mourning for your own intellect
Misfortune seize you ! for you are an ignorant prig.


Nic 446

Si ta propre satisfaction consiste à jeter dans Ie chagrin un cœur libre de tout souci, tu peux faire, ami, durant ta vie entière, Ie deuil de ton intelligence; va, sois malheureux alors, car tu es un bien étrange ignorant.

P 818

In this if thou settest the joy of thy heart,
That thou mak'st souls at ease with aflliction to smart,
Go, mourn for thy wit all the days of thy life;
Take and bear thy deserts, for a rare fool thou art!

Th 584

If knowing, thou for pleasure of thy heart
Dost make a soul at peace with grief to smart.
Go, thy misfortune bear and mourn thy wit
Thy life long, for a wondrous fool thou art!

Wh 477

O thou who for thy pleasure dost impart
A pang of sorrow to thy fellow's heart,
Go! mourn thy perished wit, and peace of mind,
Thyself hast slain them, like the fool thou art!

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