Behold the breath of dawn & the cry of the morning
Knowest thou why thou makes this lamentation
It is to say that they have shown in the mirror of morning
That another night has passed from thine existence, & thou art ignorant.


Nic 426

Sais-tu pourquoi au lever de l'aurore Ie coq matinal fait à chaque instant entendre sa voix? C'est pour te rappeler, par Ie miroir du matin, qu'une nuit vient de s'écouler de ton existence, et que tu es encore dans l'ignorance.

P 819

Dost thou know why the cock, at the hour when dawn whitens the sky,
Still moment by moment raiseth his warning cry?
'T is but to show forth to thy sight, by the mirror of morn,
That a night of thy life (and thou all unheeding) 's gone by.

Th 570

Do you know why when dawn makes light the sky
The bird of morning sounds his constant cry ?
In morning's mirror 'tis to show that from
Your life a night has passed unheeded by.

Wh 463

When dawn doth silver the dark firmament,
Why shrills the bird of dawning his lament?
It is to show in dawn's bright looking-glass
How of thy careless life a night is spent.

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