The manager of the affairs of the dead & of the living art Thou
Thou art the keeper of this unstable heaven
Though I am bad thou art the Kwaja of me
To whom will you be the condemner of what sins
[Who can sin, since Thou art the Creator]


F4 81

Oh Thou, who Man of baser Earth didst make,
And ev'n with Paradise devise the Snake:
For all the Sin wherewith the Face of Man
Is blacken'd--Man's forgiveness give--and take!

HA 81d

The manager of the affairs of the dead and living art thou,
Thou art the keeper of this unstable heaven;
Though I am wicked, thou art my Master,
Who can sin, seeing that thou art the Creator (of all ?)

Nic 436

C'est toi qui disposes du sort des vivants et des morts; c'est toi qui gouvernes cette roue désordonnée des cieux. Bien que je sois mauvais, je ne suis que ton esclave, tu es mon maître; quel est done Ie coupable ici-bas? N'es-tu pas Ie créateur de tout?

P 752

Of live and dead Maker and sole Arbitrator art Thou;
Of yon Sphere, the distracted, the One Regulator art Thou.
If l 'm bad who's to blame? I'm the slave; the Dictator art Thou:
Where's the fault of the creature, since, Lord, the Creator art Thou?

Th 578

Of quick and dead Thou makest the estate.
And Heaven's distracting wheel dost regulate;
Though I am bad, of this slave Thou art Lord,
Then why blame me, since me Thou did'st create?

Wh 471

Who framed the lots of quick and dead but Thou?
Who turns the troublous wheel of heaven but Thou?
Though we are sinful slaves, is it for Thee
To blame us? Who created us but Thou?

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