If thou drinkest not wine reproach not thou the drunkards
If thou hast power to do so, be penitent in God’s sight
Thou makest boast, saying: — “I do not drink wine”
Thou dost an hundred things of which drunkenness is an inferior.


Chr 74

O friend, never again shalt thou rebuke drunkards.
If He makes me repentant, then I shall show repentance towards God.
Be not arrogant, saying: "I do not drink wine."
Thou dost do a hundred things in comparison to which wine drinking is but child's play".

Nic 12

Toi qui ne bois pas de vin, ne blâme pas pour cela les ivrognes, car je suis prêt, moi, à renoncer à Dieu, s'il m'ordonne de renoncer au vin. Tu te glorifies de ne point boire de vin, mais cette gloire sied mal à qui commet des actes cent fois plus répréhcnsibles que l'ivrognerie.

P 2

An if thou drink no wine, rail not at those who do.
Did God vouchsafe, l'd turn, repenting, Him unto.
Thou vauntest thee, forsooth, saying, "I drink no wine!"
An hundred things thou dost, that wine is nothing to.

Th 44

If you drink not, at sots take no offence,
Did God give grace, I would show penitence;
''You drink not?" You commit a hundred deeds
That make my tippling boyish innocence!

Wh 11

Blame not the drunkards, you who wine eschew,
Had I but grace, I would abstain like you,
And mark me, vaunting zealot, you commit
A hundredfold worse sins than drunkards do.