Although my colour & fragrance are agreeable
Though my cheek is like a tulip and I am tall like a cypress
It is not clear in the earthly pleasure home
For what reason the (great) Artificer produced me.


Nic 13

Bien que ma personne soit belle, que le parfum qui s'en exhale soit agréable, que le teint de ma ligure rivalise avec celui de la tulipe, et que ma taille soit élancée comme celle d'un cyprès, il ne m'a pas été démontré, cependant, pourquoi mon céleste peintre a daigné m'ébaucher sur cette terre.

P 14

Though beauty and colour and fragrance fair and fine,
Though cheek like the tulip and shape like the cypress be mine,
Meknoweth not wherefore the Graver All-Divine
Hath 'stablished me thus in this gladsome earthly shrine.

Th 32

Though hue and fragrance their delights bestow,
My form as cypress, cheeks as tulips show,
I know not wherefore my Artificer
Arrays me thus in Earth's abode of woe.

Wh 12

What though 'tis fair to view, this form of man,
I know not why the heavenly Artisan
Hath set these tulip cheeks and cypress forns
To deck the mournful halls of earth's divan.