If you are wise reckon with yourself
O heart ! what did you bring hither & what will you carry away
You say “Do not drink wine for you must die”
But you must die whether you drink or not.


Nic 408

Examine-toi, si tu es intelligent, et observe ce que tu as apporté dans Ie principe et ce que tu emporteras à la fin. Tu dis que tu ne bois pas de vin parce qu'on doit mourir. Que tu en boives, ami, ou que tu n'en boives pas, il faut toujours mourir.

P 771

Examine thyself and think, if thou 'rt wise eno',
What here thou broughtest and what thou wilt take herefro':
How say' st thou, "I'll drink no wine, for needs must I die"?
Nay, needs must thou die, wine whether thou drink or no.

Th 556

If thou art wise, thyself examine, see
What thou did'st bring, what tak'st away with thee.
Thou say'st '' I 'll not drink wine, since I must die."
But drink or no, thou 'It die for certainty.

Wh 448

Audit yourself, your truce account to frame,
See! you go empty, as you empty came;
You say, "I will not drink and peril life,"
But, drink or no, you must die all the same!