Where is the smoke from my fire here
And where is the profit from my stock in trade here
If any one gives me the name of tavern haunter
(Tell me) in the first place where is the tavern here ?


P 9

Where is the smoke of our fire? Say, where is it here?
And our capital's profit' where? Yea, where is it here?
To him who gives me the name of tavern-harbourer say,
Where was the tavern in truth aye? Where is it here?

Th 46

Where is the smoke of our fire here, O, pray?
Where profit of our stock-in-trade's array?
To him who "Tavern-haunter" me doth call,
O, where in truth here is the tavern, say?

Wh 13

My fire gives forth no smoke-cloud here below,
My stock-in-trade no profit here below,
And you, who call me tavern-haunter, know
There is indeed no tavern here below.