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About the database

This section is based on the quatrains from the Bodleian manuscript, translated by E. Heron-Allen (London, 1898, 2nd. ed.)

The database contains Heron-Allen's version of the quatrains, and the corresponding quatrains of a number of other translations and editions. (See 'Sources')

Each quatrain is presented as a separate record, with a unique ID, showing the text and reference codes for all the other corresponding quatrains.

The records include the text of the quatrain, the name of the translator, language and the ID's of the related quatrains. Click on a code under the 'Also' head to show the related quatrain in a pop-up window.
This window shows the ID of that quatrain, the text, the translator's name and the reference codes of the other related verses.

The section opens standard with a list of Heron-Allen's quatrains. The 'Select translator' field shows a drop-down list from which another translator can be selected to show the related quatrains.

A simple 'Search' field runs through all the data.

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