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Though the database is based on Edward Heron-Allen's translation and references, it contains both less and more. It contains less, as Heron-Allen also refers to other sources such as the Calcutta manuscript, the Lucknow and Bombay editions and others which are not considered here. It contains more, as references are also included from other sources than Heron-Allen's.

This is illustrated by Heron-Allen's number 1:

If I have never threaded the pearl of Thy service,
and if I have never wiped the dust of sin from my face;
nevertheless, I am not hopeless of Thy mercy,
for the reason that I have never said that One was Two.

According to Heron-Allen, this is number 229 in Nicolas (1867) and 268 in Whinfield 1883. It is also number 313 in Thompson (1906), where it is refered to B. 1 (=Ouseley MS., # 1):

If I Thy service' pearl did never thread.
Nor sin's dust ever wiped from off my head,
For all this of Thy mercy I have hope,
Because that ''One is two" I ne'er have said.