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This is a website on various collections of Omar Khayyám's rubáiyát, and the complicated relationship between their sources, editions and publications.

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Information about new additions and changes to this website.

26 June 2019

The last series of Calcutta quatrains, nrs. 401 - 500 and nrs. 501 - 511 are now online online again.

14 June 2019

Douglas Taylor (1938-2019)
End of May 2019 came the sad news of the death of Douglas Taylor (Boulder, Colorado USA). Douglas had been studying the rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám for a long time and his work has been a major source for the concordances and correspondences between the various translations as presented in this website. More studies were on their way (on Gilkin, Hermelin, Lyy), the results will be listed here as far as possible. Thank you, Douglas.

19 May 2019

Calcutta quatrains no. 101 - 200 and 201 - 300 are now online again. The remaining quatrains are still under reconstruction.

The text of the Calcutta quatrains as transcribed from Heron-Allen's notebooks, is now published in a separate chapter, see Heron-Allen's translation

7 May 2019

A first series of quatrains, nrs. 1-100, from the Calcutta manuscript and the translations, is now online again. On this page an index is available at the sidebar to select a specific quatrain for corresponding translations. For the remaining series, 101-200 and so on, this feature will also be available as soon as the translations are posted again.

1 May 2019

Access to this website has been problematic since early this year due to unidentified problems. It is still in the process of rebuilding, which means that some features are not yet working as they should. Also the section concerning the Calcutta manuscript and its quatrains is still under reconstruction. I'm working hard on repairs. Thank you for your patience.